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North Coast

kai | 1

- Kai North Coast Village provides a life of relaxation and recreation for all residents, due to its many services, its units of diverse sizes and designs, and its large area in which green spaces and bodies of water dominate the area of residential units and construction. - Kai North Coast is your right place to live in absolute luxury and lasting comfort, which is due to the comfortable village units, which were implemented to international standards, to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of all customers and investors, which increases your feeling of psychological stability and enjoyment. - The strategic and lively location is a major attraction for many clients, which I will detail in the next title. #### What is the location of Kai North Coast Village? - Kai North Coast Village is located in the heart of Ras El Hekma Bay, specifically at Kilometer 220 of the Alexandria-Matrouh Desert Road. Therefore, it is close to many very vital areas and axes, the most important of which are the following: - Fouka Road: Kai North Coast Village is only about 2 kilometers away from Fouka Road. Cairo Governorate: Cairo Governorate is located 3 hours away from the project. Alexandria Governorate: The resort is close to Alexandria Governorate, as they are only two hours apart. - Marsa Matrouh Governorate: The distance between the resort and Marsa Matrouh Governorate is very simple, as it is only about one hour away. New Alamein Airport: The project is only 20 minutes away from New Alamein Airport. Hacienda Village North Coast: Hacienda Village is located 76 kilometers from the project. Marassi Village: Marassi Village is about 90 kilometers away from the village. #### What is the area of Kai Village? Kai North Coast Village extends over a large area, which is what the developer was keen on; To provide the greatest amount of comfort and privacy for all residents, the village area is divided as follows: - Total Area: Kai North Coast's total area is approximately 200 acres. Building area: The smallest share of the village area was for buildings and construction, reaching about 20% of the total area. Green spaces and landscape: The largest share of the area was for green spaces and landscape, which amounted to about 80% of the total area of the village. The project is distinguished by its many features and services, which the giant space helped provide, and which I will present in detail in the next title. #### What are the services and features of the Kai North Coast project? - Kai North Coast Resort contains a good number of services and features, which vary between recreational and basic services, which is suitable for all residents and investors who want an ideal life and quiet entertainment, and the most prominent of these services are the following: - Private beach: The village has its own private beach, extending over a length of 70 square meters, characterized by its pure turquoise waters and soft yellow sand. - Green spaces: The real estate developer was keen to divide the area of Kai North Coast Village very carefully, so that green spaces occupy the largest proportion, so that the owners feel comfortable and always relaxed. - Security services: Security and guard personnel are present throughout the day inside the village, in addition to modern surveillance cameras, which are spread throughout; To keep all owners safe. - An entertainment area for children: To ensure the enjoyment and well-being of children, the village has a Kids Area at the highest level, which includes many recreational games, as well as being secured with modern cameras and high fences. - Swimming pools: Kai North Coast has more than one swimming pool in different places, and these pools differ in their areas and depths. To suit all residents. - Sports fields: To increase the fun, there are many sports fields, ranging from football fields, tennis courts, squash courts, golf courts, and others. - Sports gym: To maintain the physical fitness of all residents, a large gym has been provided, with the latest and most important sports equipment. - BBQ areas: The wide green spaces within Kai North Coast have helped provide BBQ areas, which many customers love. - Spacious garages: To prevent crowding, spacious garages were provided, accommodating the largest possible number of cars, and they were also secured with surveillance cameras and security and guard personnel. - Crystal Lagoons: The huge area of the village helped create Crystal Lagoons, with many recreational activities and water games suitable for adults and children. - Yacht marina: To spend more than wonderful sea tours, there is a yacht marina that can be used at any time. - Five-star hotel: For those who love hotel services, the village contains a five-star hotel, which includes many distinguished rooms and is distinguished by its luxurious and sophisticated designs. ### Unit areas - Chalets area: Chalets area starts from 107 square meters and reaches 180 square meters. - Townhouse area: The townhouse area starts from 220 square meters and reaches 300 square meters. - Twin house area: The twin house area starts from 320 square meters and reaches 460 square meters. - Villas’ area: The villas’ area starts from 470 square meters and reaches 700 square meters. ### For more details, please call 01103216602

North Coast

Bo Islands | 1

#### Information about the project - Bo Islands North Coast Village is one of the best coastal projects established by Maxim Real Estate Development in the North Coast city overlooking the Red Sea. - It works hard to restore the meaning of sophistication and complete luxury to the city of the North Coast, through creativity and complete mastery in the implementation of its real estate projects. - To present us with a unique project of its kind, and with a direct, unparalleled view of the most beautiful beaches and seas in the world (the Mediterranean), whose waters are characterized by purity and a picturesque blue color. - In addition to the advantages of the ingenuity of design and precision in implementation throughout the Bow Island Sidi Abdel Rahman project, which made the project shine like a diamond in the North Coast region. #### Location of Bo Island North Coast Village - At Kilometer 120 of Alexandria-Matrouh Road, with a unique and direct view of the Mediterranean Sea. - Which shows the importance of the location of the Bow Island project, as it is close to all basic facilities, due to its location on Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay, which is famous for being the best and most important coastal area characterized by calm, safety and psychological comfort. #### Places near the Bow Island North Coast project - Bo Island North Coast Village is located next to Hacienda Village. The village of Bo Island Sidi Abdel Rahman is located only 15 kilometers from the village of Marina El Alamein. It is also distinguished by its proximity to New Alamein City, which is the first city for million people with sustainable living throughout the year on the North Coast. #### Unit area of Bo Island North Coast village - The area of independent villas starts from 408 square meters on a land of 860 square meters - As for the townhouse, it starts with an area of 230 square meters on a land of 267 square meters up to 405 square meters. - The penthouse has an area of 221 square meters, with an 85-square-meter roof, on a land area of 133 square meters, and consists of two bedrooms with a garden from 43 square meters to 110 square meters. - Receiving bo island north coast after 3 years. #### Bo Island Village services and facilities - The project includes the largest crystal lagoon in North Africa. - 2 five-star hotels, Strip Mall, Electric Tram, and SEA HUP. - Swimming pools suitable for all ages and with different depths. - A gym, clubhouse, jacuzzi and spa, and an aqua park to spend fun times for all ages. - Cafes and restaurants equipped with the highest level of service to provide the best meals and drinks. - A hypermarket includes all basic needs, entertainment, and daily food commodities. - A sports area that includes all kinds of fun games, a sauna and a gym equipped with the best equipment and tools. - In addition to providing central internet at high speeds within the village of Bo Island, North Coast. - Security and guarding services operate throughout the day, and large areas have been designated for parking cars. - High-quality surveillance cameras with continuous recording to monitor all movements. ### For more details, please call 01103216602

North Coast

Marina West | 1

- When you arrive at Marina West Marassi Village, you will immediately realize that it is not just a place to spend the summer vacation in the summer garden from photography, but rather a world full of an enchanting atmosphere in the middle of nature, as this tourist property is located in the most prestigious places on the North Coast. - Marina West Duster is distinguished by its northern coast, which has managed to win over coastal residents. In addition, all units enjoy their location directly on the natural center of the college, where the units vary between chalets, twin towns, and apartments, and you can choose whatever you want from the large freestanding units. - Marina West North Coast Village also provides you with an unparalleled coastal atmosphere where you can enjoy various activities due to the services that exist within the village, and you can relax in a quiet place in the village’s exclusive diversity. #### Location of Marina West Marassi Village Emaar Properties has implemented Marina West North Coast in the most distinguished areas of the North Coast along the Alexandria-Matrouh Road and overlooks the Sidi Abdel Rahman area. This location is strategic because of its proximity to the main axes and vital villages. Places near Marina West North Coast Marina West Marassi's location is close to the following areas: El Alamein Airport. Cairo, Alexandria. Mountain View Sahel Village, Porto Marina Sahel Village. New Fouka Road. #### Marina West Marassi location is distinguished by its proximity to the following areas: - El Alamein Airport. - Cairo, Alexandria. - Mountain View Sahel Village, Porto Marina Sahel Village. - New Fouka Road. #### Marina West North Coast space and design - Emaar Misr implemented Marina West Marassi Village on an area of 90 acres, as it is a phase of Marassi Village, which was implemented on an area of 1,500 acres. This area was divided between green spaces and services, which occupy 80% of the total area, and between the various units within the village. #### Marina West North Coast services and facilities - Marina West Marassi Village includes a Food Court area that includes many diverse restaurants and cafes. - The village also includes many green spaces and gardens. - Places have been allocated for holding various parties and events. - There are also clinics and medical centers within Marina West North Coast. - There is also a commercial area within the village that includes various shopping centers and also includes international brands, which makes it easy for the customer to obtain all his needs with great ease. - There is also a huge hypermarket selling various food and local products. - In addition to the presence of a cinema equipped with the latest technology. - There is also a health resort offering various services such as spa, jacuzzi, and sauna. - Among the features of the village is its security service, as the resort is guarded around the clock by security personnel. - Places have also been allocated for barbecue parties. - There are many water activities available on the North Coast, such as surfing, water skiing, and speed boating, which provide visitors with a fun and exciting experience. - The village includes many sports fields, including football, tennis, and basketball courts, allowing customers to enjoy practicing sports and hanging out during their leisure time. - Marina West Marassi Village also includes private beaches that provide visitors with the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine, soft sand, and wonderful turquoise waters. #### Types and areas - Two-bedroom chalets: their area starts from 128 square meters. - 3-bedroom chalets: their area starts from 199 square meters. - The prices of Marina West North Coast village are a wonderful opportunity for investors and many clients, as chalet prices start from 5,000,000 Egyptian pounds. These prices are also considered competitive given that this village is an integrated tourism project. ### For more details, please call 01103216602
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